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Produced by hydrogen reduction of Ammonium Perrhenate. Common uses: As an alloy addition in superalloys; production of sheet foil, strip or wire for various industrial applications. Produced in following facilities: MolymetNos. Chemical Specifications

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Rhenium metal. It is a silvery-white, heavy, third-row transition metal in group 7 of the periodic table. With an average concentration of 1 part per billion (ppb), rhenium is one of the rarest elements in the Earth's crust. This metal has the third-highest melting point of …

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Rhenium coatings and freestanding structures enable parts to survive and outperform other materials in solid rocket motor applications at temperatures approaching. ... Refractory Metal Coatings & Freestanding Structures. ... As a world leader in the manufacture of rhenium products, Ultramet understands the need for high-quality raw material ...

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Rhenium Metal Pellets. Read More... * Name is a required field * Email is not a valid address * Message is a required field. Read More... Related Products. Aluminum Nitride Powder. Formula: AlN 40.99. Product Inquiry Technical Docs . Specifications; Purity. 99.9%. Particle Size-100 +325 Mesh. CAS. 24304-00-5. Melting Point.

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Welcome To Rhenium Alloys, Inc. Rhenium Alloys, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of refractory metals and high temperature products, located near Cleveland, Ohio. We bring technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions to customers in a wide range of industrial, government, and high-tech applications.

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We are a global supplier of Rhenium (Re) Crucibles and we can provide customized Rhenium products. Rhenium (Re) Crucibles is a silvery metallic Crucibles and manufactured from pure Rhenium (Re) metal. Specification Shape and size can be customized, density 18.8g/cc min, purity 99.99% min.

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About Rhenium Pellets: Rhenium has the second highest melting point of any elemental metal, behind only tungsten. A refractory metal, rhenium is most often used in the manufacture of jet engine turbine blades, exhaust nozzles and combustion chambers.

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Rhenium metal superconducts at 2. 4 K. Methylrhenium trioxide ("MTO"), CH3ReO3 is a volatile, colourless solid has been used as a catalyst in some laboratory experiments. It can be prepared by many routes, a typical method is the reaction of Re2O7 and tetramethyltin :; Rhenium is a chemical element with the symbol Re and atomic number 75.

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Products English Español. Molymet (English) Our Company. History; Mission of Molymet; Press (in spanish) News; Branch Companies; Corporate Structure; Production Facilities ... Rhenium Metal - Briquettes. Rhenium Metal - Powder. Special Molybdenum Products. Technical Molybdic Oxide - …

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Rhenium compounds have a wide variety of oxidation states ranging from -1 to +7. It is most available commercially as salts of perrhenate, including sodium and ammonium perrhenates. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) now can provide various rhenium products including: Pure Rhenium Metal: Shapes: powder, wire, pellet, sheet, foil, plate, rod, etc.

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All of our products, including powders, wire, plate, sheet, and rod, are manufactured to the strictest standards in the USA. Please find the accurate refractory metal and shape below. Select Metal Tantalum Molybdenum Tungsten Titanium Zirconium Rhenium

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Rhenium is a rare metal with unique properties that make it ideally suited for today’s most powerful engines and critical chemical reactions. Eagle Alloys is a premier rhenium metal supplier providing rhenium in both its pure form and most popular alloys.

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Low price rhenium metal for sale, AEM-METAL rhenium powder suppliers can provide two kinds of rhenium metal powder. Rhenium metal powder is used for semi-finished products, such as anode plates used in medical applications.

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Rhenium Plate used to make high temperature heating parts need to work under particular conditions, e.g. semiconductor industry. Compared with other materials, pure rhenium heaters have the outstanding properties of better electric performance. Rhenium sputter target can be used to make rhenium thin film to be applied to high technology field.

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Applications of Rhenium Powder. Rhenium powder is mainly be used as the metal additive in ultrahigh temperature alloy, it's also used for surface coating, and making deep processed rhenium metal products, such as rhenium plate, rhenium sheet, rhenium rod, rhenium pellet and so on.

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In its pure state, rhenium is a very hard, brilliant metal, similar to platinum, and can only be formed at red heat. Its melting point, 3,186°C, is among the highest of all metals. It has a boiling point of 5,596°C and a density of 21.03 g/cm 3. Due to these unique properties, rhenium is indispensable in many key industries such as aviation.

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But in 1964 Albert Cotton and co-workers in the USA discovered the existence of a metal-metal quadruple bond. Yes you guessed it, it was rhenium, or rather a rhenium compound namely the rhenium ion, [Re2Cl8]2+ [correction: this should be the two minus ion, not the two plus ion].


See more Rhenium products. Rhenium (atomic symbol: Re, atomic number: 75) is a Block D, Group 7, Period 6 element with an atomic weight of 186.207. The number of electrons in each of rhenium's shells is 2, 8, 18, 32, 13, 2 and its electron configuration is [Xe] 4f 14 5d 5 6s 2.

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SMM provides the latest prices for Rhenium metal, price charts for the past five years as well as news and analysis for Rhenium(99.99%) Market. ... SMM Price is spot price for nonferrous metals and steel products, with a group of 391 categories, including base metals, minor metals, precious metals, rare earth, metallic compounds, powders ...

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Rhenium metal ingot - one troy ounce - .9999 bullion Rhenium was discovered in Germany in 1925, was the last stable element to be discovered, and is named after the Rhine River. It is among the most rare elements in the earths crust with an estimated concentration of 1 part per billion.

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The rhenium metal powder produced by H.C. Starck is a light-gray metal powder made of agglomerated single crystals. It features the highest degree of purity and consistent, certified product quality, which we guarantee. Rhenium metal powder is used for semi-finished products, such as anode plates used in medical applications.

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6) Thermocouples containing alloys of rhenium and tungsten are used to measure temperatures up to 2200 °C. 7) Rhenium wire is used in photoflash lamps in photography. 8) Rhenium forms rhenium diboride with boron. 9) It is a compound noted for its extreme hardness. 10) Isotopes of rhenium …

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Rhenium – a valuable and rare element Limited resources make rhenium one of the rarest metals in the Earth's crust. Only certain ores contain traces of rhenium and its extraction takes place exclusively as a by-product of the processing of these ores.

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Rhenium’s melting point of 3180º C is second only to tungsten. Only osmium, iridium, and platinum exceed its density of 21.04 g/cc. Because of its high melting point, rhenium is a refractory metal. In that classification, rhenium is unique. It is the only refractory metal that does not form carbides.

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Rhenium Pellets. Rhenium has the second highest melting point of any elemental metal, behind only tungsten. A refractory metal, rhenium is most often used in the manufacture of jet engine turbine...