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Antimony is a chemical element with symbol Sb (from Latin: stibium) and atomic number 51. A lustrous gray metalloid, it is found in nature mainly as the sulfide mineral stibnite (Sb 2 S 3). Antimony compounds have been known since ancient times and were powdered for use as medicine and cosmetics, often known by the Arabic name, kohl.


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Apr 13, 2010· They can be not only unsightly, but they can also begin to physically affect the skin. The skin may start to chap, thicken, and become rough and cracked. Therefore turning to antimonium crud may work quite well as a homeopathic remedy for any of these issues to repair the area and restore it back to normal. Skin Infections with a Rash:

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Natrum Muriaticum can hlep with colds and congestions that have a dry rawness along with thickening clear to whitish mucus. These include colds, hay fever and sinus pressure often marked by profuse nasal discharge, watery eyes, post nasal drip, dry tickling coughs or dry sore throats.

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Arsenic and antimony: comparative approach on mechanistic toxicology. Author links open overlay panel T ... high levels of arsenic can be found in the lungs , antimony shows high affinity for the ... Inhibition of DNA repair caused by direct enzyme inhibition or enzyme inhibition via arsenic-mediated generation of oxidation products might be a ...

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Coughing is a natural protective mechanism designed to clear bacteria, viruses, dust, and pollen out of the body. Coughing clears the lungs and throat of irritants and fluids. A productive cough forces sputum from the breathing tract, thereby clearing the air passages and allowing oxygen to reach the lungs.

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It's because of stress patterns. Antinomy (an-TI-no-my) is stressed on the second syllable alone, so the other three syllables have reduced vowels. The syllable immediately following the stress is apt to get swallowed when you have two unstressed syllables following as you have here.

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May 06, 2019· Health Benefits of N-Acetyl Cysteine 1) Protects the Liver. NAC boosts glutathione, the highest amount of which is in the liver. This helps explain why NAC has such a strong effect on protecting the liver from inflammation, drug poisoning, and serious liver diseases. If the liver is damaged, inflammation and oxidative stress always rise.

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The Treatment of Acne with Homeopathic Remedies. ... For teenagers it can cause considerable distress and loss of confidence. The spots vary from surface blackheads and whiteheads to deep, inflamed, pus-filled pustules and cysts, which can be severe, long-lasting, and even leave permanent facial scarring. ... Antimonium crud.

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Antimonium crudum for canker sores. ... It’s the little things that I just sort of dealt with I never thought I’d have an answer to, I can now fix that, which is great. Jessica’s homeopathic journey. Kate: Yes. Let’s get into talking about how you first came across homeopathy. You said that you used some other natural methods of healing ...

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Oct 27, 2018· Anxiety Causes Constipation. Psychogenic constipation, constipation caused by anxiety or other psychiatric disorders, is a diagnosis of exclusion. In other words, if you can’t find a physical cause for your constipation, then it is entirely possible that your constipation is being caused by stress and anxiety.

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Hormones are also produced by the organs: ovaries and the testies, adrenal glands located above the kidneys, the pineal gland in the center of the brain, the thyroid, infront of the voice box and it is now known that even the bodies tissues can make certain hormones .

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Apr 01, 2018· How to Get Rid of Warts Naturally ... calcarea carbonica, nitric acid, lycopodium clavatum, and antimonium crud. Antiviral herbs like elderberry, astragalus root and echinacea can help your body to fight off the virus that’s at the root of your wart dilemma. Antiviral herbs can actually inhibit the development of viruses.

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ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM and BRYONIA sometimes present about equal claims in a case of summer complaint; but the case in its entirety must decide the choice between them. There is a form of diarrhoea which alternates with constipation, oftenest found with old people, where ANTIMONIUM …

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Some of the text in this entry was rewritten from Los Alamos National Laboratory - Antimony.Additional text was taken directly from USGS Antimony Statistics and Information, from the Elements database 20001107 (via, Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (via and WordNet (r) 1.7 (via for the table was obtained from the sources listed on the main page ...

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Active Ingredients:** Antimonium tartaricum 3X to 30X - 3C to 30C HPUS; The letters HPUS indicate that this ingredient is officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States.

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An injury to the eye can affect the balance of aqueous production and drainage from the eye, possibly leading to ocular hypertension. Sometimes this can occur months or years after the injury. During your routine eye exams, be sure to mention to your doctor if you have experienced any recently or in the past. Other eye conditions.


Antimonium tartaricum or Tartar emetic, as it is also called, is a compound salt of antimony and potash, both of which substances depress the circulation. Hence you will expect to see symptoms due to this cause intensified under Antimonium tartaricum. It causes more weakness of the heart and lungs than does antimony itself. Under Antimonium […]


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Antimonium crudum | BOIRON USA

Active Ingredients:** Antimonium crudum 3X to 30X - 3C to 30C HPUS; The letters HPUS indicate that this ingredient is officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States.

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Dec 20, 2017· Fem Repair Non-Preg. For the temporary relief of headaches, nausea, swelling, night sweats and irritability with abnormal menstrual flow and function. Fem Repair Non-Preg. Orally 25 drops, 2 times per day or as indicated by a physician. Children 12 and under use one half the adult dosage. Fem Repair Non-Preg

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Jan 30, 2012· Natural Remedies for Feline Asthma. Categories: Feline Health. Feline asthma is a respiratory condition that involves inflammation and excess mucous build-up in the airways. Muscles spasms cause constriction of the airway, resulting in respiratory distress. Feline asthma shares some characteristics with asthma in humans, including symptoms.

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Seeking suggestion for Acne: Silicea or Kali bromatum or Antimonium tartaricum?? 1. I have had acne since puberty and it has not stopped since- I amT now 25. I have tried antibiotics, creams, Ayervedic remedies, neem, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, change of diet, and even Acutane (when I was 17) and nothing has worked.